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Mobile Health & Wellness Solutions

HandyLogs makes mobile health & wellness solutions for individuals with busy work and personal life. HandyLogs solution are modular that fit together like lego blocks to give you the complete picture of your health.


We started back in 2007 with an idea to use mobile phones as data capture tools, hence the name HandyLogs. First we created HandyLogs Mobile Application Framework, then we used it to create few apps to scratch our itch or need. As it turns out a million other individuals have found them useful and tried it on their phones. Now we continue to support and enhance these apps.


HandyLogs Mobile Application Framework is a combination of client-server components that allows for structure data collection through XML Forms to a central server. Its a cross-platform tools that helps us maintain sanity by supporting single code base across multiple mobile platforms and devices. We have developed and enriched it overtime.


Our logo represents Safe, Handy, Data. The CD is for data, palm for handy access and the green grip for safe keeping. So keep your data, handy and safe with HandyLogs. Here is our current and old logo.
HandyLogs Logo HandyLogs Old Logo