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HandyLogs Money
Expense, Time and Mileage Tracker
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HandyLogs Money
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Expense, Time & Mileage Tracker

Maximize your Expense, Time and Mileage reimbursements with HandyLogs Money. Suitable for Executives, Small Business Owners and for Personal use.
  • Your claims are always ready and up-to-date. No need to procrastinate in filing claims.
  • Frees up your mind from taking mental notes. Reduce the stress, claim every penny.
  • Installs on phone and works everywhere, even when there is no signal on your phone. Travel the world and use it without needing internet connection.
  • Synchronize to when you want to. Have the comfort of using large screen and keyboard for viewing, printing, sharing reports from any internet connected PC.
  • Get extended premium service to create archives, generate reports and export data.
Expense Highlights
  • Organize your expenses easily with customizable list of category and expense types.
  • Select payment method from a customizable list. Helps in identifying supporting payment records from your credit card statement and receipts later on.
  • Support for all currencies
Timesheet Highlights
  • Account for multiple clients and projects by creating your list. No need to enter same information over and over again.
  • Choose your activity from customizable list and enter hours worked. Thats all it takes to enter a new record.
Odometer Highlights
  • Assign your mileage to Business, Personal or any other use by selecting items from a customizable list.
  • Automatically identifies your last odometer reading. Just enter, either new reading or distance. Other field is automatically calculated.
  • Tax law requires adequate records when deducting business use of your vehicle. Get complete report on Business and Personal use of your vehicle
Other Highlights
  • All entries are time stamped and have a optional notes field to record incidental information.
  • When creating new entries, your prior selections are recalled to save you extra clicks and enhance usability.

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