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HandyLogs Sugar
Blood Glucose, Insulin and A1C tracker for Diabetics
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HandyLogs Sugar
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Blood Glucose, Insulin & A1C tracker for Diabetics

HandyLogs Sugar converts your phone into an intuitive tracker of your Blood Glucose, Insulin and A1C levels to live a healthy life with diabetes.

HandyLogs Sugar is superior to most diabetes trackers or glucose meters in several key ways:

  • Installs on phone and works everywhere, even when there is no signal on your phone. Travel the world and use it without needing internet or mobile connection. Health comes first.
  • Save data to when you want to and forget about losing your diabetes records even if something happens to your phone.
  • Have the comfort of using large screen and keyboard for viewing, printing and sharing diabetes or glucose reports from any internet connected PC.
  • Whats more, you can share your diabetes data with your doctor, friends & family to regularly check up on your health. Or the reverse, you can check up on your loved ones when they use this glucose app.
  • The full-color graphs are much easier to understand, than the rows of numbers produced by most modern glucose meters.
  • Built-in converter that supports mg/dl and mmol/l glucose units.
  • Customizable list of often-used comments so you do not have to endlessly re-input the same long commentary every few hours.
  • Powerful filtering mechanism to slice, dice and analyze your diabetes or glucose records.
  • Get extended premium service to create archives, generate reports and export data.

HandyLogs suite of mobile apps can track Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diet, Blood Glucose, Insulin, HbA1c, Calories, Cardio Exercise, Gym Workout, Body Weight & Measurements. Take advantage of our Premium Service at to monitor your health & fitness better.

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