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Premium service features
We offer Premium Service that gives powerful data analysis, visualization, archival & export capabilities. This covers all applications in the suite i.e. Money, Heart, Sugar, Diet & Fitness for a small price of $16 per year.

Our phone installable apps and online data management is Free. Data synchronization between your phone and web account is also Free.

What do you get in Premium Service

Online Web Apps - Access all of our Apps online at from your phone or PC
Installable Phone Apps - Download & Install any of the App on your phone for offline use
Synchronize data - Synchronize data between phone and web. Use large screen and keyboard of your PC to enter data and take it to your phone. Or enter it on the go and analyze it later from your PC.
Reports - Analyze & visualize data with graphical reports.
Archives - Stay light and focused by archiving data that you don't need on regular basis.
Export data - Print, Email directly from the App or Download data to your PC as a CSV file.
Six Month$9
One Year$16

To purchase the premium version, please Login into your HandyLogs account and click on the "Go Premium" menu. If you already do not have a HandyLogs account, you can Sign up for free. On the Go premium page you can select the option of buying one year or six month premium service. You will have the option to pay with your PayPal account or a credit card.