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  • Moisesantunez
    by on Apr 16th, 09:18
  • 7776731
    by on Apr 16th, 09:55
  • Moises
    by on Apr 16th, 09:39
  • Nice
    by nosh on Mar 25th, 14:46
  • Hello Iam new and don't understand very well how fonction me,i com from ivory coast.thank you!!
    by nourance on Mar 11th, 08:00
  • just reload handylogs but instead of picking bb pick android 3.1 put in your username and password then when you are in press Sync then pres
    by Yello on Feb 24th, 13:18
  • the new update for blackberry wiped all my data when will there be an update
    by bilzor on Feb 24th, 11:34
  • Software go on HandyLogs in Google
    by Yello on Feb 23rd, 23:22
  • This looks for BlackBerry 10.3.1 look below
    by Yello on Feb 23rd, 23:43
  • OK I figured it out. Go on HandyLogs sight install the android 3.1 then sine in click on reload and you will get all your data back. :-)
    by Yello on Feb 23rd, 23:09
  • I have a BBZ10 running 10.3.1is there a update for HandyLogs?
    by Yello on Feb 21st, 19:16
  • Any help
    by click4sunil on Feb 21st, 08:20
  • The new BBC 10.3.1 does not support. My old data is already there in the app. How to get the old data
    by click4sunil on Feb 21st, 08:26
  • The Blackberry app no longer runs on Blackberry the new OS 10.3. Is there an update being developed?
    by owenk on Feb 21st, 07:12
  • Mahbub
    by mahbubbhoraniya on Feb 19th, 10:46