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  • I am on a limited K do to the blood thinner I am on (Wolfram)
    by dolly keeper on Apr 3rd, 22:25
  • Diet section should have the ability to scan upc's offof packaging from supermarkets
    by shazam on Mar 11th, 15:57
  • how do i get this o my blackberry
    by how do i get this on my blackber on May 15th, 12:50
  • where can I down load this app for my blackberry?
    by The Rooofer on Feb 18th, 09:47
  • What food is good for diet?
    by riza on Feb 12th, 13:44
  • today is my first day have tried many ways to log my progress hope this one works
    by mari2582 on Nov 27th, 15:32
  • Is the DietTracker out of commission? I don't see anything that allows me to download the app. Thank you.
    by JoyBug on Oct 16th, 18:21
  • Como puedo cerrar mi cuenta de Handylogs?
    by Fabi on Aug 5th, 12:42
  • experienced an outage today that lasted about 6hrs. It was due to a hardware failure.
    by HandyMan7 on May 15th, 17:02
  • Jondough, An installable Diet app is under development. Meanwhile you can use online diet app at
    by HandyMan12 on Feb 9th, 09:42
  • i have downloaded the fitness module and heart rate module to my BB but cannot find the diet module to download it still available?
    by jondough on Feb 7th, 13:23
  • to absorb the strain. So in the end running, yoga and other exercises with balanced diet and living will make you fit and healthy.
    by uno on Nov 18th, 13:02
  • but the question is can you do it regularly and consistently. It's a strenuous exercise and its better to slowly build up your body to...
    by uno on Nov 18th, 13:40
  • Say if you run everyday for about 6-7 miles with a speed of 8 miles/hr. Rest assured there won't be any fat left on you in 6 months time..
    by uno on Nov 18th, 13:58
  • Krazie_doll Sorry. Was out on tour. There are lot many things you can do. But it is better to start slowly and build up on it. To be cont..
    by uno on Nov 18th, 13:35