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  • any word or update on an Iphone app for this? anyone?
    by dell1003 on Dec 17th, 18:09
  • Hello
    by aaa on Nov 29th, 04:50
  • Can I import previous workouts from an Excel spreadsheet?
    by gelrod on Nov 25th, 18:34
  • So, how do I view things on the chatter list below? Or do I have to be a premium member for that too? I need the code to sync from Blackerry
    by Warren on Nov 23rd, 15:17
  • Stick2It We are coming out with the installable version for Iphone
    by HandyMan12 on Oct 28th, 09:01
  • Used this app on my blackberry and was great but I switched to iPhone and now I have to go onto website to input weight data. Is there an ap
    by Stick2It on Oct 27th, 21:11
  • The Germ you can sync data from phone to your web account by performing sync-upload or reload operation from the mobile device.
    by HandyMan12 on Oct 18th, 12:28
  • How do I sync from desktop to BlackBerry?
    by The Germ on Oct 12th, 05:45
  • how can I changed the units on the graph as it is keeping lb and would like to see the x in kg.. great application anyhow I have V2.1 on BB
    by alma on Oct 8th, 02:35
  • Can't we get a BMI tracker added please? With some links to the categories on a graph or something so we can see progress?
    by Di on Sep 7th, 05:52
  • Something happened today and I cannot login on my Android phone browser. Anybody else have this problem?
    by ST1 on Aug 28th, 10:49
  • I've had this app for a while, but I hardly ever use it. I'm going to start using it now.
    by lstyles on Aug 3rd, 11:31
  • Just got a new Android phone and I realized my preminum service is now useless at the moment. I hope an Android version comes soon!
    by HaveAnAndroid on Aug 2nd, 09:06
  • @ Fit@35 unfortunately there is no quicker way than to reduce overall calories and icrease cardio.L
    by HardOne on Jul 31st, 17:16
  • I'm overweight, 35 lbs yrs old & trying 2 lose body weight in the stomach area. What can I do to lose it fast?
    by Fit@35 on Jul 6th, 07:03