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  • is there a way to delete an entry which might be blank for either insulin or BG tables?
    by pepe on Jan 28th, 09:02
  • How can I merge the Sugar and Glucose?
    by Can I chart my Glucose w/food on Apr 1st, 15:33
  • This is a great 'tool' for monitoring my condition !
    by Ferryman on Oct 5th, 05:36
  • Tried 'support' e-mail 3days ago no respose jet
    by hope on Apr 7th, 14:13
  • Have downloaded V.2 want to par/sync only err message can't connect all info/data on web V.1
    by hope on Apr 7th, 14:14
  • When will there be an Android version out?
    by just me on Mar 20th, 20:04
  • Can we get a function on the reports page that will show average blood sugar?
    by Clarence on Mar 5th, 21:59
  • Why can't I enter a value, either glucose or insulin dosage after the fact? Since I use my ITouch rather than my phone, I don't always have
    by Janigan on Feb 28th, 16:41
  • For joegor The sugar is high after exercise, because the muscles need sugar for energy. This is produced by the body. In fact exercise red
    by Doc ji on Feb 4th, 04:50
  • Never mind. My grandkids were playing with my phone and turned the network off. Sorry!!!
    by Copper Emeritus on Jan 5th, 14:54
  • My Blackberry Torch says it cannot connect to server when I try to upload. Is there a problem?
    by Copper Emeritus on Jan 5th, 14:07
  • Wazzzzup
    by Lonley on Dec 25th, 22:24
  • When will Sugar be updated for Android? Since I no longer use my BlackBerry, this is the one app I really miss on my Android Tablet.
    by koffeequp on Oct 23rd, 13:28
  • Thanks. Now I can see my reports until I can renew.
    by Copper Emeritus on Oct 20th, 14:57
  • Premium Service is under construction and I can't pay my renewal. How about extending my subscription until I can renew???
    by Copper Emeritus on Oct 19th, 22:21