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Synchronization help

Synchronize data from your phone to You can then view, print, email, download and generate reports on this data at from your PC with a internet browser.

To synchronize data from phone to you have to pair the phone to an account at Create a free account at and login to your account. Get a Pairing Code from under the settings menu. Enter this Pairing Code into the synchronization screen of your phone and select Register menu. After the Registration is complete, restart the application and select Synchronize menu to initiate data synchronization. The pairing procedure is required only once.

If you change your phone, issue a new pairing code from website account to setup synchronization on the new phone. You can synchronize to multiple phones with this mechanism. Delete a existing pairing code from website account to disable further synchronization to a phone.

Synchronize Menu

Get Pairing Code from website account

Enter Pairing Code

Registration complete

Ready to synchronize